I created I-Ally from a place of great, deep need -- not only my own need, but an enormous need I felt and heard from those like me. There are millions of us, Millennials who are now 40% more likely to be taking care of an aging parent; Millennials who now comprise over 1/3 of multi-generational family caregivers. We don't relate to the traditional messaging that is geared towards caregivers.
We are different. We are younger, more diverse, and most likely providing the bulk of care all by ourselves. We need a new system.

I made I-Ally to connect us, and to empower us. If we join together, there's no end to the power that our voices have. If we join together, we prove the power we do have: we are the gatekeeper to positive patient outcomes for healthcare organizations. We are the key to the data that scientists and doctors need for research and clinical trials. We choose which vendor we use for medication management or Telehealth or life insurance.

So, this is how I see I-Ally: not just a place for us to support each other and be with people who know what we're going through; not just a place to get the best resources and information available; not just a place for us to focus on our own health and wellbeing; but also a vehicle for our own empowerment.

In solidarity,
Lucinda Koza, Founder of I-Ally


Lucinda Koza

Founder + CEO

After her own experience becoming her father's full-time caregiver at a young age, Lucinda's life's mission became to advocate for Millennial family caregivers.

She is a member of the current TechCrunch Include Cohort, SheWorx + AWS Startups Mentorship Program 2020, All Raise Org's Visionary Voices Speakers Bureau, and the Lyfebulb Patient Entrepreneur Circle.

She just received Honorable Mention in the Lyfebulb + Orexo Innovation Challenge and received Honorable Mention for Intermitten's 2020 Changemaker Award. Her writing has been published in Thought Catalog and Medium Women. Passionate about storytelling and giving voice to the voiceless, Lucinda also premiered a short film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016.


Patrick Igwe


Patrick has been with I-Ally since its inception, volunteering his time and skill as a designer and software engineer in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has since become Chief Technology Officer. A talented and dedicated developer, Patrick also spent years volunteering and working on urban planning in his native Nigeria. He uses his skill and passion in service of improving the lives and circumstances of those around him.

The Experts


Kathy Koenig

Caregiving Coach Expert

Kathy, who has been a family caregiver many times over, is certified as a Powerful Tools for Caregivers instructor and a Certified Caregiver Consultant and Educator.

She has also worked as a medical social worker, psychotherapist, health coach, hospice volunteer, and yoga & meditation teacher. She was a featured speaker at the National Caregiver Conference in Chicago in 2018 and 2019. Her philosophy: "You need more than information. You need ways you can apply this in your daily life. One-size does not fit all."


Barbara Kaynan, MA, RDT

Mental Health Expert

Barbara earned her Master of Arts in Drama Therapy from New York University, where she was awarded the Steinhardt Student Challenge Grant for a research/performance project investigating chronic illness and family systems.

She is an RTP-based innovative, compassionate leader in bridging the arts with community engagement and healthcare.


Darci Burch-Cohorst

Caregiving Coach Expert

Darci also earned her Master of Arts in Drama Therapy from New York University. She has spent the past 5 years working for a non-profit providing small group and individual therapy to put-at-risk youth in New York City public schools.

She has been published in journals and a therapy textbook and frequently presents at national and international therapy, arts, and education conferences. She proudly serves on the North American Drama Therapy Association’s Ethics Committee.

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